Hôtel Lourdes : Grand Hôtel de la Grotte, ***** - Hautes-Pyrénées

Hôtel Lourdes : Grand Hôtel de la Grotte, ***** - Hautes-Pyrénées

Hôtel Grotte
NEW 2014
This year, lot of promotions throughout the year.
Just look at the prices in the left table (ROOM RATES PDF ) and you will see a calendar with promotions at the bottom of the page.
This ranges from 8% to 20 % off plus 5 % s added for repeaters guests
We have also, stay 4 nihts pay 3, or stay 7 nights pay 5
Just send us a Email contact@hotel-grotte.com and me give you the best rates.
Our chef is always Stéphane Moreau .
You have loved the food last year, so we continue.
It's always a creative cuisine that you will find here , with great flavors.
It will be open in the evening for important dates like the Maltes , Pentecot, Ascension, Tour de France  ... etc.
Our Chef Concierge Georges LEAL will be here for assist you during all your stay and before .
If you want to email us , here is our direct E-Mail : direction@hotel-grotte.com
Thank you and goodbye.
Annick & Louis -François Guinguene
Owners / Managers
Hôtel Lourdes : Grand Hôtel de la Grotte, ***** - Hautes-Pyrénées

Discover the comfort, elegance and supreme refinement of the French way of living.

Established in 1872 and constantly renovated, our hotel is located at the foot of the Fortified castle.

Built on the rocks, in a park, it overlooks the sanctuaries and the river. "Hotel de la Grotte" is best defined in two words: charm and elegance.
You will find old-world style and modern amenities.

Our staff is highly qualified and will meet your needs with pleasure.
You can enjoy your stay in peace, away from the crowd.

Having the best gastronomy in Lourdes, our two restaurants or our room service will take turns serving you 24 hours a day.

Our Bar, held in a quiet and cordial atmosphere, offers you a great selection of cocktails and pastry during your whole stay.

An unequalled welcome and an outstanding service will delight you.

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We are closed until 10 April 2014.
Thank you